Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Star is Back

Today was a day. A nice day, a friendly day.

I went for a walk in the park, nice old building, exhibit of words.

And in the building I sat entranced - an alchemical labyrinth.

Three floors, a power axis, transfixed by the perfect echo of sound.

Tibetan chants meet Gregorian scales.

And from the star I found my power grid. Straight through my home.

How did they know, 500 years before, or I, in the now?

6 years and now it's renewed. But the last encounter of this sort,
quite some time ago. 23 years. That time was a bull - a minotaur - and a triangle,
and a mound, and an arch. A power beam, supercharged.

This time was a 6-sided star, and a dome. The energy grid -
lines of convection in great circles, plus an axis in and out.

Why are we here? Gysin asked. No why, we are here to go.
23 years waiting for 2nd contact. Where's the ignition?
Which one's the key?


quinn the eskimo said...

Gysin. So you're quoting Canucks now? What a cut-up. Next thing, you'll be closing your eyes to see.

6 years ago, I came here. 23 years ago, my mind got blown. Never found most of the pieces. 'Course, never spent time looking for them.

Cool about the grid. Damn things seem to take years to build. Keys hard to find too. I spent years. Found it at the end of my arm. That is, it WAS the end of my arm. Pissed me off to find that out.

Tag, whassup? q

desider said...

Various solar/eco stuff coming up, need some info out here in the so-called real world with the reality impaired grownups.

Please send a note to - don't know why blogspot doesn't allow member messaging.